Pamela Nuñez, CEO of Canablue: Among the Women 40 Under 40 Leading in the East of the Dominican Republic

December 29, 2023 7:40 pm

Pamela Nuñez, CEO of Canablue: Among the Women 40 Under 40 Leading in the East of the Dominican Republic


At Canablue Real Estate, we are thrilled to share extraordinary news that fills us with pride and joy! Our CEO and founder, Pamela Nuñez, has been recognized as one of the outstanding women in the East of the Dominican Republic, joining the prestigious “40 Under 40” group. This achievement reflects her dedication and leadership in the real estate sector.


Profile of Pamela Nuñez:

Pamela Nuñez, a key figure in the real estate world, embarked on her journey in Santo Domingo over 10 years ago. Graduating in Law from the Pontifical Catholic Mother and Teacher University in 2010, she sought new opportunities in Punta Cana in 2012. Since then, this beautiful region has become her home and operational hub.

Pamela is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a real estate professional with an impressive track record. Her expertise spans negotiations, legal affairs, client acquisition, relationship management, and sales. Working closely with national and international investors, she has made an indelible mark on the industry.


Achievements and Collaborations:

With a career that includes collaborations with leading legal firms and real estate companies in the country, Pamela served as the Commercial and Sales Director for one of the most successful developments in Punta Cana. Her ability to build strong relationships and her strategic approach distinguish her as a visionary leader in the industry.


Inspiring the Future:

This recognition not only celebrates Pamela’s past achievements but also inspires all of us at Canablue and our community. We want to express our gratitude to our clients and the general public for being part of this exciting journey.


At Canablue, we are committed to continuing to lead in the Punta Cana real estate sector with the same level of excellence and passion that has characterized Pamela. We congratulate our CEO on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to continuing to inspire and grow together with you.


Thank you for being part of the Canablue Real Estate family!