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Barahona Avocado Farm with Ocean View – Business opportunity

PriceUS$4 / per square meter
Square FT 2750202.00
Square MT 255,500
Price: 995,000.00
Solar: 255,500 square meters


Over 10,000 trees, 10,000 adults avocado trees + 1,000 cacao trees have fresh water well, access from 2 roads , only 5 km from Paraiso beach


Trees 🌳 details:
• Semil 34 -2,300 trees 11 years old
• 1,700 trees 9 years old.
• Popenol – 1,000 trees 11 years old
• 1,100 trees 9 years old
• 2,000 trees 6 years old.
• Pola – 720 trees 11 years old
• Carla – 620 trees 10 years old
• Criollo – 550 trees 12 years old
• Dr.Pui – 150 trees 11 years old.
• Choquete – 70 trees 11 years old.
• 1,000 cacao trees 4 years old


1 avocado tree has a lifespan of 75years + also produces between 150-300 avocados per year.


NOTE: Currently, the lot is in the process of planning 500 Beni avocado trees.🌳



Located in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic, Barahona is a vibrant community boasting stunning natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage. With its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and proximity to ecotourism destinations like Bahía de las Águilas and Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, Barahona offers abundant opportunities for tourism development. Additionally, the region’s fertile land and favorable climate make it an ideal location for agricultural investments, such as the cultivation of crops like avocados, cacao, and coffee. Its strategic position as a gateway to the Caribbean and Central America further enhances its appeal for investment, promising potential growth and prosperity for ventures in various sectors.


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