The CONFOTUR Law: all the exemptions, no more excuses

February 21, 2019 3:35 pm

If you are the type of investor who is looking to buy a second-home on the beach, then the DR has interesting options for you! ― especially around the Punta Cana area.

Suddenly, that dream is not so far away. Because thanks to the CONFOTUR Law exemptions of taxes and exonerations around fiscal commitments are outside your door. So no more excuses to achieving that dream, huh!

As you know, in the DR tourism is a really big thing; it’s the main generator of foreign exchange and an important national employer and, in that sense, the CONFOTUR Law -or Law 158-01 as it is really called[1]– plays as the most important legislation in the tourism sector on the promotion of tourist development for new or low development locations in provinces and districts of marked tourist potential (like the Punta Cana and Bávaro area), and for the creation of the tourist promotion official fund.[2]

Also, this Law introduces important values ​​of protection and respect for the environment, and at the same time, though attractive tax opportunities for investors who wish to jump into the sector, enforces its fundamental objective: the development of a sustained tourism industry in certain areas of the DR.

  • A little bit of history…

The Law 158-01 of Tourism Promotion, later modified by Law 184-02, and its implementing regulations, Executive Power Decrees 1125-01 and 74-02, constitute a legal instrument of great relevance for Dominican Tourism.

The Law 158-01 benefit all facilities belonging to tourism activities, from hotels, resorts, cruises, conventions, congresses, festivals, shows and concerts facilities, to infrastructure for basic services, entertainment, bio and theme parks, port and maritime infrastructure, aquariums, restaurants, golf courses and sports facilities.

Since its approval in 2001, the law only focuses on tourism geographical areas (tourist poles) with the potential to be exploited, and specifically stated these in the Law.

In 2013, however, the modification of Law 195-13 eliminated these poles and established that the exemptions and benefits could be applicable to all Real Estate developments  in the Dominican territory that meet the criteria and requirements to be considered within CONFOTUR.

Here are some properties that are under the CONFOTUR Law, that we recommend for the golfers and beach lovers.

Golf Properties

  1. Paseo de Cocotal
  2. Cana Pearl
  3. Cana Rock Star

 Beach Properties

  1. Beach Garden
  2. Playa Coral
  3. Pool Garden

After you check them out reach to us in case you need more info. At Cana Blue we work so you can easily enjoy your dream house!

[1]The Tourism Promotion Council (CONFOTUR) handles all technical issues arising from the application of Law No. 158-01 dated October 9, 2001 on Promotion of Tourism Development for the poles of low development and new poles in provinces and localities of great potential. It also handles the

Reception and approval of the applications and incentives that are granted.” Recovered from:

[2] ÍDEM.