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Westside Residencies in Punta Cana is a full range product, with innovative ideas for economy properties.

General Characteristics of the Development: 

• 6 types of villas to choose from.
• Completely closed project with guard post, security control and electronic access.
• Management Office.
• 9,200 m2 of common social areas and private Club House which includes:
Adult Pool
Children’s Pool
Solarium on Water Mirror 

         Wide Game Area for Children

        Large Gardens
8 Gazzebos with BBQ
Great Room with Bar

Terminations and Facilities
• Floors in imported porcelain.
• Closets in Melamine.
• Hydrofuge Melamine doors and jambs. • Modular kitchen.
• Granite top in kitchen.
• Bathroom furniture.
• Glass screens in showers.

Facilities and Amenities
• Air Conditioned Multi-Purpose Room • Reception Area and Lounge • 2 Tennis Courts
• Fitness center
• Ecological Trail with
• Jogging track
• Visitor Parking
• Stainless faucets and latches.
• Windows with Profile P-92.
• Heater.
• Pre-installation of inverter air conditioners
in rooms and social areas.
• Wide floor to ceiling height: 2.80 meters. • Grass patios.

Two Bedrooms / Two Bathrooms

124 mts

Private Pool and Parking space

Price: US$99,000.00

4 and 5

Three Bedrooms / Two  or Bathrooms

160 mts / 151 mts

Private Pool and Parking space

Price: US$120,000.00 / US$125,000.00

6 and 7

Two floors

Three Bedrooms / Three Bathrooms

200 mts / 205 mts

Private Pool and Parking space

Price: US$160,000.00 / US$165,000.00


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