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Aurora Luxury

| Condos
Price starting atUS$167,500
Bedrooms 2-3
Bathrooms 1 -2-3
Square FT 566.51
Square MT 53
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AURORA LUXURY. This project has been conceived with the quality and comfort standards that modern times allow us and thus provide a residential solution harmonizing the advantages of today with the privacy and tranquility of yesterday. Each apartment includes its own private pool.

The common areas are equipped with green and shady areas, and at the same time open for proper ventilation in these new times in which we try to avoid closed spaces


The foundation in the basements will be made of a solid reinforced concrete slab, according to the structural project.


The supporting structure of the building will be made of walls, partitions and solid reinforced concrete slabs, with a metallic structure in specific areas.The entire structure will be carried out in accordance with current regulations.The control and tests of the structures and concrete are carried out by specialized and approved laboratories. Reinforced concrete foundations and structures designed forearth quakes and hurricanes.

The structural project is carried out by a registered engineer.


Exterior walls, according to the design, will have areas covered with natural stone, wood, and other wood-like coatings, such as porcelain tiles or European porcelain tiles.The solariums will be placed in porcelain or outdoor stoneware.The exterior terraces will have non-slip ceramic.


Screened patterned finishes and waterproof stucco finish for painting on non-ceramic coated areas. In areas to be covered with ceramic, it is mastered for subsequent placement of the ceramic. All interior cladding will be in porcelain or stoneware. In the vertical cladding on bathroom walls, combined tiles will be placed.The interior staircase of the penthouse will also be clad in porcelain or stoneware // alternative in steel and wooden steps.


Made with an interior with a modular structure in water-repellent MDF, white melamine surfaces, post-formed pvc doors and drawers, color to be defined.

Top or top made of 2 cm natural granite or similar with a 10 cm base, covered the proportional part of the stove wall. It is equipped with an electric stove with oven, extractor, sink and chrome-plated mixer tap.


The exterior carpentry will be European aluminum with laminated safety glass in appropriately sized holes.


The railing of the interior penthouse staircase will be made of steel or aluminum with laminated 4 + 4 safety glass.


The balconies and corridors railing will be made of steel or aluminum with 4 + 4 laminated safety glass.


Main doors are made of solid wood, on the outside in natural wood color and on the inside lacquered in white.Interior doors with wooden structure and central panel in veneer of the same material,lacquered in white Stainless steel metal hardware.

The cabinets are of the same design and color, and with a hanging bar.


Sanitary, embedded in polypropylene PPR for drinking water and PVC for drains according to project Electrical and telecommunications, embedded with THHN wiring according to project Pre-installations of air conditioning, with drains, electricity and refrigeration lines.Pre-installation of connection to solar panels, for any future private installation


American Standard brand toilets or similar of current line and in white.Built-in sink on marble countertop in the main bathroom of the American Standard brand or similar of current line and in white.Invisible bathtub or shower tray in white porcelain main bathroom. All the taps will be Spanish chrome-plated mixer type.


False ceiling, in the interior ceiling in sheetrock and durock in exterior areas where it isrequired.Roof waterproofing with Revestech Dry 80 polyolefin sheets.


The vertical and horizontal walls of the interior will be finished with smooth white plastic paint and the exteriors with waterproof white matt vinyl paint.


Structure with reinforced concrete walls.Tile-type ceramic coating.Crowning piece of the same flooring material as the house.  Fully equipped with its filtration and purification system. Acrylic / glass front for infinity effect.


planters and gardens with grass, native vegetation and drip irrigation, natural green fencing.

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AURORA LUXURY  is located within the Bávaro, Punta Cana area in a really great location which makes it incredibly easy to access the main boulevard, which connects all Bavaro-Punta Cana. This means it is located only a 15 minute drive to the Punta Cana International Airport, and a 2 minute drive to Downtown Punta Cana and Plaza San Juan. Plaza San Juan and Downtown Punta Cana are basically the must-go-to places in the area. Shops and malls filled with restaurants, bars, Coco Bongo, Rad Park and many more!

The El Cortecito zone, known for its great popularity and touristic vibes is only a 10 minute drive.


Pamela Nuñez


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Born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, she started her career in real estate in Santo Domingo 10 years ago. Graduated from law school in the year 2010 from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra and once then, seeking greater business opportunities, Punta Cana called her attention in 2012.

Punta Cana has been her home for the past 10 years working closely with foreign and domestic investors in the area. She is a Real Estate professional with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate and legal industry. She is skilled in Negotiation, Legal Affairs, Customer Acquisition, Customer Relationship Management, and Sales. Pamela has worked side by side with the top legal firms and real estate companies in the country, and created Canablue Real Estate in Punta Cana in 2017.

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Pamela specializes in pre-construction real estate development, re-sales and legal matters in real estate transactions.

Pamela Nuñez


[email protected]