Latest DR (Punta Cana) news regarding COVID19

April 13, 2020 10:15 pm

The Dominican Republic has also suffered the effects of the sanitary pandemic of COVID19, and we have taken measures to ensure the countries and its residents health and well-being. Punta Cana is also complying with all measures currently imposed by the Dominican Government. 

Take a look below on a resumed list we made regarding our new government protocols and measures to abide by under the unprecedented times:

  1. Up until this date, there are currently 3167 confirmed cases in the country, With a total of 177 deaths. Only 69 confirmed cases in La Altagracia province (where Punta Cana is located), with only 1 confirmed death.
  2. There is currently a domestic travel ban until April 18th. This means our borders are closed for any comercial flights and/or cruise ships. The date will most likely be extended accordingly. Note that you will be the first to know once this ban is lifted; we are expecting a lift on this ban by the end of May. 🙂
  3. All commerce, except considered essential services are temporarily closed; this includes our office. We are still available by conference calls and virtual showings.
  4. There is a -Stay At Home- mandatory curfew from 5pm to 6 am, which runs daily and is constantly observed by the authorities.
  5. Golf courses, beaches, sports centers, communal pools and all resort amenities are closed during this time.

On a more general and personal note, Dominican Republic is currently facing a very sad fase under these unprecedented times, but we are very optimistic. The Dominican government took the steps that were needed on a very timely manner, and according to World Bank’s estimates, the Dominican Republic and Guyana are the only two countries that will avoid the economic recession that is expected to affect Latin American and Caribbean countries, according to its estimates. Mexico and Ecuador seem to be the two countries that will suffer the recession the most, the World Banks states in their calculations.

Furthermore, the president of the Punta Cana Group, Frank Rainieri is confident Punta Cana is more than likely to recuperate from these standstill months. Closing off 2019, Dominican tourism generated more than US$7,689 million, and US$50,634 million between 2012 and 2019, as recorded in the latest edition of the Tourist Barometer, prepared by the Technical Vice Ministry of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic (Mitur). 

Furthermore, Frank Rainieri, which is also the owner and president of the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ), is very optimistic about the current situation changing around the summer 2020, estimating the opening of the Punta Cana airport and hotels around this same timeframe.

Here at Canablue our current motto is ‘one day at a time’. We are confident our country will overcome this. Our situation is by far very privileged, as we are writing this with an amazing view of a golf course, and spend our mornings in the pool or with a short walk in the course. Quarantine under these circumstances are definitely something we are grateful for, time and time again.

We hope you can join un as soon as our international flights ban is lifted, believe us when we tell you you will be the first to know.

Stay safe, and receive a warm hug from your Punta Cana family here at Canablue!