Canablue Real Estate conquers Las Terrenas

November 11, 2020 10:22 pm

We came and we saw! Real estate in Las Terrenas, Samaná.

Pamela Núñez, Real Estate Agent, Canablue

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, in the Peninsula of Samaná, Las Terrenas was named the “DR’s secluded, paradisiacal escape of wild beaches, coconut plantations, and rainforests” by the Dominican Republic’s Tourism Board.

Las Terrenas, in that sense, is the most developed and the most popular part of the province, a combination of a beach village and European town, with local restaurants, stores, lively bars, small hotels and breathtaking beaches perfect to go for a swim anytime. 

Why Las Terrenas?

Las Terrenas is an independent and alternative traveler’s dream. A lot of European families came to Las Terrenas and stayed, setting business in that area that gave it a unique cosmopolitan vibe. It’s a beachtown with French cafés that sell the best croissants mixed with good Dominican coffee.

In fact, the success of Las Terrenas is the absence of massive hotel chains, which offers boutique hotels and smaller developments to thrive because they can offer visitors and locals an enviable access to pristine beaches, among other things. 

Things to do in Las Terrenas

One of the most popular adventures is visiting Los Haitises National Park, a taino heritage site, or El Limón, an awesome waterfall. And we cannot get enough of Cayo Levantado island, a secluded, private, little island that you can visit by boat. Wherever you decide to stay and whatever you decide to do prepare yourself to be in awe of the beautiful views of Samaná. 

How do I get there?

El Catey International Airport (AZS) is the gateway to the Samaná Peninsula. Also known as the Juan Bosch International Airport, AZS is half an hour from the city of Samaná and, ultimately, 25 minutes to the destinations of Cosón, Las Terrenas and Portillo.

Right now, El Catey is a pretty active airport welcoming flights from Toronto, Montreal, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Atlanta, Madrid, Paris, London and other destinies in North America and Europe. The airlines flying to AZS include: Air Canada, WestJet, Air Transat, Air Europa, Thomson Airways, Orbest.

Not in the mood for planes? Cruises dock in the winter season or you can come by land from Santo Domingo. With COVID-19 and all the measures taken by each country, means of transport, its schedules and routes could change.

All beachfront communities in one place…

Las Terrenas is formed by five (5) beachfront communities, specifically:

#1 – Punta Popy

The local beach with beachfront restaurants and condos and close to ‘el pueblo’ where you can find banks, ‘colmados’, stores of all kinds and other places. Some of the developments we recommend in this area are Aligio and Aurora ApartHotel.

#2 – Las Ballenas

Playa Las Ballenas is called this way because it has a big cayo that looks like a whale! Currently, some of the developments we recommend in this area are Louisa ApartHotel and The Green Las Terrenas, where you can enjoy golf with a view.

#3 – Playa Bonita

Or ‘beautiful beach’, in English, is a beachfront paradise.

Ranked #8 in The 40 Best Beaches In The World by National Geographic, it almost feels like a beachfront gated community, with a very exclusive mood. Accordingly to the National Geographic covered, “the main quality for which this beach gets its name is its simplicity.”

Real estate in Playa Bonita is a game changer! For example, The Aquamarine at Playa Bonita Residences, must be one of the finest estates in the area. Bonitas Hill. on the other hand, promises to be next best thing in Playa Bonita.

#4 – Playa Cosón

A large beachfront area currently growing and ultimately receiving a lot of attention because it remains as a virgin beach. In the same way, you can enjoy local seafood down there and If the waves are your friend, you can also come here to surf.

#5 – El Portillo

Just a 45 minute drive from El Catey Airport and at the entrance of Las Terrenas is El Portillo beach. Did you know Portillo was the home of the old airport in town? 

Playa Portillo’s white sand and beautiful coral reef makes it ideal to those who want to experience snorkeling in this area. Some of the developments we recommend are Portillo Residences and Balcones del Atlántico, among others to come.

OK! I’m in, what developments do you recommend me?

Finally, These are the listings of real estate in Las Terrenas that we have found for you. Prices are amazing here and all properties are beachfront, close to the center of town and just plain beautiful! Plus, we have options ranging all prices and on every beach we mentioned before.

Got more questions?

Write to us! We will gladly answer any questions you might have now about real estate in Las Terrenas.