We did it again! All Bávaro and Punta Cana communities explained

December 16, 2019 8:42 pm

Yes, you heard us right, there are 4 different communities in Punta Cana and Bávaro, and they’re all different! The Bávaro-Punta Cana area is a multicultural, international and colorful area in the Dominican Republic, where most real estate developments are concentrated and thriving. This whole area is formed by different communities, with different characteristics and different types of real estate investments.​Did you know Punta Cana is officially called the municipal district o​ f Veron-Punta Cana, and is part of La Altagracia province, in the east part of Dominican Republic, where beaches are known for its pristine blue waters and white sands.

Each community within Punta Cana is very different, from the Puntacana Resort to El Cocotal, in Bávaro, to White Sands all the way up to Cana Bay; they are really close to each other and share the same coast line, every community has its uniqueness. We decided to look into each community and present to you their unique characteristics with videos and fun facts so you can be informed on everything the eastside of the Dominican Republic has for you.

1. Puntacana Resort & Club

First, let’s begin with one of the most well-known communities in the area: the Puntacana Resort & Club.

When we talk about Puntacana Resort & Club we included: the village, Punta Cana’s Airport (PUJ), luxury shopping, limited entry and is considered by our team as a perfect second home hub for foreign investors . ​50 years ago​, Puntacana was envisioned by Frank Rainieri as the ultimate beach and golfing experience in Dominican Republic, and he got it right. With 3 miles of magnificent white sand beaches, 45 holes of championship golf – making it a ​golf mecca​ set on 15,000 acres of land.

The accessibility of Punta Cana’s International Airport makes it a favorite destination among tourists and makes this area attractive to people who are looking for a ​second home​. Puntacana is more villas and less apartments, as we like to say, compared to other communities and it also means more tourists and expats and less locals.

The Puntacana Village, on the other hand, is a closed residential community located right by Puntacana Resort & Club and just a two-minute drive from Punta Cana International Airport, this is because the Puntacana Village started as an area dedicated to people working at the resort and the airport. Approximately 750 families live here or 2,500 people, mostly tourism sector executives, business entrepreneurs, property developers and young families looking for a family-oriented concept in their community and a bit far away from the hectic tourism atmosphere of the Punta Cana life. It has very low cost rentals and resales in comparison to the Punta Cana Resort and Club, but, making it an excellent real estate investment if you’re looking for long term rental returns.

The Village is divided into four phases, each with its particular features, ranging from: single-family villas and clusters of townhouses with a children’s play areas, baseball and soccer fields, gym, swimming pool, residential buildings, and clusters of single-family villas. It also includes an area earmarked for professional buildings, including the country’s main banks, law firm offices, and tour operators.

‘The Village’, as locals call it, has a variety of beautiful shops and restaurants. Galerías Punta Cana contains nationally and internationally famous stores, including supermarkets, banks, drugstores, some of the most famous fast food chains, like Wendy’s, restaurants, ice cream parlors, bars and more. It also features a wide range of commercial establishments, adult and children’s clothing stores, decoration and events stores, a laundry, a car hire center, beauty parlor, veterinary clinic, clinical laboratory, art gallery, educational center, a children’s playground, etc.

2. Bávaro – Punta Cana communities:

Palma Real Villas (also known as El Cocotal)

Palma Real Villas ​or ​El Cocotal ​as its famously known, is a residential gated community located in the heart of Bávaro, Punta Cana, with access to everything in Bávaro. Right across from the Meliá’s main entrance there is Palma Real Shopping Center, a shopping center with restaurants, bars, banks, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Built around the Cocotal Golf & Country Club, a 27 hole championship golf course that belongs to Meliá Hotel, El Cocotal has some of the most amazing heavenly views! This community is also known for being a family-oriented community that is warm and welcoming, that being said, it’s not common to see many tourists around El Cocotal since its mainly residents of this community.

El Cocotal is also known to be an excellent choice for ​retirees and second home owners ​because it has assured ROI, why? It has guaranteed water and security services 24/7; green public familiar spaces; a golf course property of the Meliá Hotel, which automatically gives the owner multiples discounts and special benefits like:

  • Owners will obtain a membership by paying a US$1,000.00 annual fee per family
  • Green fees worth US$25.00 per person, including golf cart
  • 10% Discount in golf lessons
  • 10% Discount at the ProShop
  • 25% Discount at the Club House and Beach Club

And, at the Meliá Caribe Tropical Hotels:

  • 25% discount on all-inclusive plan based on published local rate.
  • 25% discount on Day Pass and Night Pass.
  • 25% discount at the Gabi restaurant of the Hotel Paradisus Palma Real
  • Sports Club (basketball / futbol-sala, volleyball) without cost, in hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
  • Access to the beach and pool of the Hotel Meliá Caribe Tropical.
  • Special discounts at the Golf Course
  • Access to the Club House which has Tennis and Padel courts.

Also, El Cortecito, another Bávaro community known for its great popularity and touristic vibes, is only a 5 minute drive.

El Cortecito ​or ​Los Corales

Also known as the Dominican version of Mexico’s Playa del Carmen, this Bávaro community is a beach zone where a lot of real estate developments are taking place such as: restaurants and beachfront restaurants, street and beach bars, cafes, supermarkets, pharmacies, live music at night and all night time favorite spots ―it’s definitely Bávaro’s traditional touristic area, where tourists from all over the world come to search for a place to stay without going to the typical all inclusive hotels.

In El Cortecito short-term rentals are predominant and travelers are common. This community is filled with new development condos, beach is always walking distance and meeting new people is always the rule. Since it’s not a private community like El Cocotal, it doesn’t have benefits like golf courses or heavenly views but it does have the laidback, chill and bohemian environment. Also, El Cortecito is a 20 minute drive to Punta Cana’s International Airport and a 10 minute drive from all the shopping centers, supermarkets, banks and hospitals and from Downtown Punta Cana and Plaza San Juan.

If you are looking to invest, but also own a slice of paradise in the Caribbean, El Cortecito may be your go-to location. Short term rentals give great ROI by the end of year, and you still have time to take some sun in and enjoy our warm weather from time to time!

3. Cap Cana – Las Canas

Cap Cana is an exclusive real estate and hotel tourist destination recognized among the best of the Caribbean. This community offers premium beach activities so you can experience what a beach luxury vacation really is, but don’t confuse luxury with non-inclusiveness! This community is recognized as being open, warm and friendly to its residents and visitors.

Cap Cana is very similar to the Puntacana Resort but it’s younger and less developed – although it’s expected that in 5 or 6 years this community is going to be more developed than any other community in the area.

There aren’t a lot of villas in Cap Cana but you can find a great variety of condos and apartments, unlike the Puntacana Resorts, which it’s known for it villas. This premier destination also offers a rich variety of non-motor water sports like siling, angling and swimming and it has one of the most legendary golf courses the multi awarded Punta Espada Golf Course, designed by Jack Nicklaus, with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. This golf course is also a part of the Golden Bear Lodge.

The Cap Cana Marina has over 150 slips, accommodating up to 150-foot yachts, with complete services for captains and crew. Its coastlines and proximity are considered among the best spots in the world for fishing and deep-water diving. The Marina has been the scene of world-famous fishing tournaments and has become a popular destination among those who enjoy record-breaking fishing.

4. Cana Bay, Downtown Punta Cana, and other interesting communities

It’s said that Cana Bay is more than just a resort– it’s a neighborhood and since it’s considered that way, it comes with a lot of amenities and benefits its residents talk about with pride and joy. This community is built around the 17 hole championship golf course operated by the Hard Rock Hotel, which means incredible views and awesome benefits such as:

  • Access to private beach club and pool at the Cana Bay Resort
  • 25% discount on consumption of the Cana Bay Beach Club
  • Special rates for golf in Cana Bay.
  • Special discounts at the Cana Bay Sports Club.

Also a benefit? This community is family oriented, warm and welcoming filled. Don’t get confused with its beauty and extensive list of advantages.

We can’t forget to talk about Downtown Punta Cana (known for being the home of the Coco Bongo experience), The Beach, San Juan Lakes and other residential gated developments located on what we like to call the financial district of Punta Cana, where the most popular commercial and shopping centers, supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, government offices are located – and also, our new office! This community covers the industrial area of Verón – where you can find more low budget options as it is the local side of town.

So, now that we’ve narrowed for you all Bávaro and Punta Cana communities, we’d love to hear (or read!) which one is more attractive to you and is closer to your dreams?

Contact us for more information! We’re here to make those dreams come true by making real estate super easy in Punta Cana!